About Jim Arnott

Jim was born and raised in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

James Arnott in his Studio

After graduating he worked several jobs in British Columbia before transferring to Waterways Alberta (now known as Ft.McMurray) with the Northern Alberta Railway. While James lived there the oil industry and the highway opened up the region. He then moved to Peace River and hired on with Alberta Government Telephones travelling throughout Alberta for five years. He, his wife Donna and their family settled in Cold Lake, remaining there for the duration of a thirty seven year career maintaining telephone offices, mobile radio, microwave, and rural phone systems.

Painter, art instructor, sculptor and poet

James Arnott at workJames has produced works as a painter, art instructor, sculptor, and poet. His works are in wood, oxy-acetelyne-metal, brush and ink, oil painting and watercolours. The courses he taught were in perspective, drawing, and watercolours. His poems are not published although he is always willing to open his book to friends and family.

One of my greatest pleasures is to walk into a home and see my own painting….like seeing a long lost friend. I painted the oil drilling rigs in Alberta to present a historical record of ‘our’ time. Having moved in the last year to the Cecil Lake area of Northern British Columbia, with neighbours that are in the cattle industry, I am looking forward to painting some of the rural life. — James Arnott

Canada and worldwide

James Arnott in Norther BCThe artworks James produced are in many countries throughout the world. Australians, French, Belgians, Indonesians, Ecuadorians and Columbians have taken his artwork home. Customers have bought his work to take to Japan, Tongo,and Germany. James’ work has been presented to dignitaries and businessmen from China.

His art was presented to Lieutenant Governor Raph Steinhauer by the Mayor of Grand Centre, and a number of James’ works are in the City of Cold Lake permanent collection.

While living in Cold Lake, James’ art was sold at galleries in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff and Cold Lake. His work is known to hang in homes and businesses from Vancouver Island to Halifax.

I have spent some time in the last two years photographing farm and wild animals, as well as the North Pine fall fair activities. The heavy horse competitions were especially awe-inspiring. Some of the oldtimers that work their Belgians, mules and Percherons are a treat to see. History will always be an important feature of art. The time in which I have lived has stretched from coal-oil lamps, wood cookstoves, iceboxes, and battery radios to the present….digital almost everything!! It is hard to know what part of this to put on canvas. — James Arnott